about us

Who we are

From the first moment we open our eyes we realize that we are part of nature. We are born into a room with colors, smells and tastes that follow us throughout our lives. As children, we were curious to meet people and people always started from our garden. The green nature, the mother earth bloomed and brought life to the beautiful orchard of our house.

Herbs, vegetables, cosmetics are parts of ourselves. Our curiosity prompted us to pursue some studies in the subject of botany and agriculture. We learned more and decided that the knowledge and experience of tradition should not be forgotten.

GoNatural.gr is an online store that aspires to know the gifts of nature to the general public with responsibility and respect for friends who will trust us. Our physical store is located at Dagli 29 in Thessaloniki and functions more as a natural point where we can serve you up close.

Based on our philosophy, we do not stop evolving and we are constantly trained having contact with new things in our science in order to cover even your most demanding needs. Thanks for your preference, we will do our best for you.

    Το Καλάθι Μου
    Το Καλάθι είναι ΆδειοΕπιστροφή στο Κατάστημα