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Shipping Information

The orders are sent by the courier company that we work with ” General Post “. In case you wish us to send you your order with another company, please enter your wish in the notes field on the checkout page.

For customers residing in Cyprus, orders are sent by the courier company ” Cronos Express ” by ferry. With shipping time 5 to 8 days.

-In case the products of your order are immediately available the following apply:
Orders placed until 13:00 noon are sent the same day until 18:00 in the afternoon. On Saturdays orders are shipped until 13:00 noon. Orders placed in our online store after 13:00 noon are sent until 18:00 in the afternoon of the next day. On Sundays there are no deliveries by couriers.

-In case the products of the order are available upon order :
When the products of your order are not immediately available, we collect the products one to four days on a case by case basis and follow the same shipping procedure described above.

  • For shipments within Thessaloniki: delivery takes place within one working day.
  • For shipments outside Thessaloniki: delivery takes place within 1-3 working days.
  • In remote areas of mainland Greece, on islands, in inaccessible areas: delivery takes place within 2-4 working days.
  • For shipments to Cyprus: delivery takes place within 5-8 days of shipment.

In any case you can contact us by phone at 2316019331 (opening hours Monday to Friday 9:00 – 18:00) or via email to

Cost of transportation

Shipping costs are calculated based on the cost of the customer’s order and the shipping address set. The total value of the products is calculated with VAT as well as the weight of the products.
Any incorrect registration of the shipping address by the customer and, as a consequence, incorrect calculation of shipping costs does not burden, but the customer.

For purchases of any products with a total cost from ten (10) euros to sixty (60) euros and a total weight of up to 2kg the customer is charged with shipping costs 2.70 euros for shipments throughout Greece except in inaccessible areas where the shipping cost is 6.5 euros . For every extra kilo over two the customer is further charged with 1 euro per extra kilo .

For purchases with a total cost of less than ten (10) euros and a total weight of up to 2kg, the shipping costs are 3.70 euros for shipments throughout Greece. For each additional kilo over two the customer is further charged with 1 euro per additional kilo.

Cash on delivery costs the customer with 1.2 euros nationwide.

Shipping costs for Cyprus are 8 euros and the shipment is made by ferry.

For all orders of any product with a total cost over sixty (60) euros, shipping costs are free.

All the above prices include VAT.

Upon completion of your order, an email is automatically sent from with the analysis of your order.

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