Raw propolis 10gr

Raw propolis in a small transparent glass jar Melimpampa 10gr

Raw propolis 10gr

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Antimicrobial activity with raw propolis, in completely natural form, as collected from bees.
acts as a preventative against the flu, helps with sore throats, cold sores, pharyngitis, herpes, colds, infections of the oral cavity, pimples, bad breath, local pimples, minor injuries and small local wounds.

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Propolis acts preventively against the flu , helps with sore throats , cold sores , pharyngitis , herpes , colds , infections of the oral cavity , pimples , bad breath , local pimples, minor injuries and small local sores .

Bees collect propolis from the buds and bark of trees. 17 chemicals have been described in propolis, some of which are: cinnamic acid , vanillin and an aromatic unsaturated acid characterized by antibacterial activity in certain pathogenic microorganisms.

For bees, propolis serves as a kind of glue for their honeycombs. They collect propolis from trees and other vegetation and use it to seal cracks and ravines in the hive, to protect them from the cold, but also from pathogenic microorganisms of the bee. Propolis has a sticky texture when exposed to heat and hardens at lower temperatures.

Propolis was known to the ancient Greeks as a remedy for dental abscesses, infections, colds and flu and as a natural general purpose antibiotic . It can be used to help with wounds, burns, scars and other related problems.

Some of the properties of raw propolis are:

  • Helps treat Candida symptoms.
  • Treats the spread of herpes.
  • Prevents and treats the common cold and sore throat.
  • Fights pests.
  • Improves fertility in women with endometriosis
  • Propolis can help fight cavities in the teeth.
  • Helps heal burns.

Way of use

Put raw propolis the size of a pea in your mouth, let it melt and swallow. You can chew it, if you do not mind the attachment to your teeth. Repeat as needed.

Apply topically to pimples and minor injuries. To strengthen the body, repeat daily for about 1 month.

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